Sammy Fuller

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Name: Sammy Fuller
Birth Name: Sabino Ferullo
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 1979-05-30 (Age:72)
Height: 161cm
Reach: 157cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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Sammy Fuller claimed the World Light Welterweight title, by virtue of his May 20, 1932 12-round split decision victory over Jackie (Kid) Berg. However, Berg had lost recognition in most people's eyes on April 24, 1931, when he was knocked out by Tony Canzoneri in the third round. Fuller's claim came from the fact that Canzoneri, who was defending his Lightweight Title in the bout, had weighed in under the lightweight limit of 135 pounds along with Berg. Thus, the theory became that Berg's Light Welterweight Title was not really on the line. Fuller's claim to the title was ended completely when he lost to the generally-recognized World Light Welterweight Champion Barney Ross on November 17, 1933.

Described by the New York Times prior to his fight with Jimmy McLarnin as a "sturdy aggressive battler who punches well with either hands."

He later trained welterweight champion Tony DeMarco and middleweight contender Joe DeNucci.