Sugar Ray Robinson's Exhibition Bouts

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It has been said Robinson fought several exhibition bouts before he turned professional and a few after his final professional bout. These bouts were fought during his professional career.

Professional Exhibition Bouts

  • 1949

May 16 Al Tribuani Wilmington, DE EX 4

Sept 02 Al Mobley Chicago, IL EX 4

Nov 15 Gene Burton Shreveport, LA EX 6

Nov 16 Gene Burton Dallas, TX EX 6

  • 1954

Nov 29 Gene Burton Hamilton, Ont, Can EX 6

  • 1957

Sept 10 Otis Woodard Philadelphia, Pa EX 2

Sept 10 Cosby Linson Philadelphia, Pa EX 2

Exhibitions after retirement

At the age of 51, Robinson returned to the ring in a series of exhibitions. First he boxed 3 rounds with middleweight Mike Nixon. Next, he boxed a three-round exhibition with Jimmy Richards on Thursday, October 19, 1972 at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. The promoter, Aileen Eaton, gave 20% of the net receipts to the Sugar Ray Robinson Youth Foundation.