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Did they find the guy who killed Duane Thomas and who is he?

Great Guy and Family man

It is unfortunate that Duane died in this manner. I knew him up until his death and to me he was a great guy. He loved his kids and his wife and seemed to enjoy life while it lasted. What I liked the most about him is that he was a to the point guy and was always brutally honest.

Personally, I hope they caught the guy who did this to him.

I am sick and tired of going to all these boxing sites and everytime I see this guys bio, it says shot and murdered in a drug deal gone bad. Why can't you fuckers recognize a man for his accomplishments instead of tarnishing his legacy in this way?? It is wrong that this is being done and you all should report on the positives as well and not just what folks do wrong. I am sure you all knew of these demons?? Why did'nt you try to talk to him?? screw you all.