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From NYT, December 1971:

Johnny Addle, 69, Announcer At Garden Boxing Bouts, Dead Dec. 21, 1971

Johnny. Addie, the ring announcer for more than 100 world championship bouts at, Madison Square Garden and other boxing arenas in New York during the last 25 years, died of a blood infection yesterday at the age of 69.

Mr. Addle, who was hired by the garden in 1948, followed in the tradition of Harry Balogh and Joe Humphreys. He was a familiar figure to millions of boxing fans throughout the country as the man who intro duced the contestants and at the finish of the bouts hailed the winner: “And the winner and world champion….”

Mr. Addie worked as a broker on Wall Street and announced at boxing matches as a sideline. He began his part time career by announcing boxing programs at Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, in 1942. He announced virtually every major fight in the Garden after the war, including the Muhammad Ali‐Joe Frazier championship last March.

Mr. Addle, who also was a singing entertainer, was noted in boxing for his natty dress— a tuxedo and highly polished black shoes—the high carrying pitch of his voice, his resonant tones and his insistence on grammatical correctness. He never muffed the opportunity at the beginning of a big bout to intone that “may the better contestant emerge victorious” rather than “may the best man win.”

Never deserted by his aplomb in the midst of often uproarious scenes in the ring, Mr. Addie was never at a loss for words—or action.

At one major fight, when the public address system failed to play the national anthem as he had just announced it would, the unabashed Addle grabbed the mike back and sang it himself.

Harry Markson, director of boxing for the garden, said that Mr. Addie's style was “distinct, and made him world famous. Aside from that, he was a fine ambassador for boxing and traveled all over to entertain wounded servicemen.”

Mr. Addie worked his last fight on Oct. 29, introducing George Foreman and Luis Fires in their heavyweight match.