Tony DeMarco vs. Gaspar Ortega (2nd meeting)

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Left to right: unknown handler, Ring Announcer Johnny Addie, Gasper Ortega, Trainer Whitey Bimstein, Referee Mark Conn in background

Tony DeMarco 147 lbs lost to Gaspar Ortega 148 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Gaspar Ortega beat Tony DeMarco on Nov. 23rd by fighting him, not boxing, and he repeated the same way. The Mexican almost finished off Tony in the 1st round when he drove him through the ropes with a flurry of punches, ending with a right uppercut. DeMarco went down flat on his back on the ring apron with his legs draped over the bottom rope. He just got back in the ring and up on his feet as referee Mark Conn counted nine. Although Tony is the heavier puncher and shook up Ortega in the 7th, he never could drop his man. Ortega pounded away at DeMarco's body with solid effect while Tony went head-hunting. Every time he rocked Ortega, the Mexican would rally with just as good as he got." -Associated Press


  • Judge Leo Birnbaum : 6-4 DeMarco
  • Judge Joe Agnello: 5-5 (6-5 for Ortega with NY's supplemental points system)
  • Referee Mark Conn: 4-4-2 (7-5 Ortega with supplemental points)
  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 4-4-2 (6-5 Ortega with points)
  • Unofficial UP scorecard: 6-4 DeMarco
  • A ringside poll of 8 sportswriters had 4 scoring for Ortega and 4 for DeMarco

Post fight comments:

  • "I had it 6-3-1 for Tony. We'd like to meet him again in Boston anytime." -Bob Agrippino, DeMarco's manager
  • "We want Basilio - or Saxton if he beats him - and nobody else." -Jimmy Stimson, Ortega's manager
  • "It was tougher than last time. He was in better shape and so was I." -Gaspar Ortega