Tony Marullo

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Tony (Young) Marullo.jpg

Name: Tony Marullo
Alias: Young Marullo
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: 1984-02-01 (Age:82)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 183cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Marullo was managed by his father, Arthur Marullo.

Marullo had several possible additional fights, in addition to those included in the attached record. These have not been included because they lack verification, but include the following: Ernie Perrin, W ko 1; Red Hill, Draw 15; Young Bodin, W ko 1; Walter Ross, W ko 3. A couple of other fights that have appeared in Marullo's published record and appear to be duplications are his supposed fights with "Soldier Burke" and "Billy Connolly."