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Name: Tuffy Griffiths
Alias: Jerry Griffith
Birth Name: Gerald Ambrose Griffiths
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa, USA
Birthplace: Macy, Nebraska, USA
Died: 1968-11-15 (Age:61)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 180cm
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Jack O'Keefe
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Tuffy Griffiths's last name was often reported by contemporary newspapers as being either "Griffith" or "Griffiths." The Ring magazine once recorded his last name as "Griffith." (November 1930, p. 47). Earlier, it had reported his last name as being "Griffiths." (April 1930 issue, p. 65.) He preferred to be called "Jerry," however, and not "Tuffy," and some of his bouts were billed that way. He also went by the moniker of the "Pender Pounder."

Griffiths was raised in Sioux City, Iowa, and grew up in Pender, Nebraska. He attended Northwestern University. He was the brother of fellow boxers Buzz Saw Griffiths and Terry Griffith.

After his professional boxing career ended, he was stationed at the San Diego Marine Corps base as a boxing instructor. (The Ring magazine, June 1948 issue, p. 28.) Griffiths died Nov. 15, 1968, age 61, at Sheridan, Wyoming. He had been a patient at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming, for a number of years.