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Amateur Boxing:
Points At the end of the contest you have scored more hits than your opponent
Retirement Your opponent fails to start a round, or retires or is retired by his corner during a round
Disqualification Referee disqualifies your opponent for a serious infringement
Knockout Your opponent is down for ten seconds and is counted out
RSC-O Referee stopped contest because your opponent is outclassed
RSC-OS Referee stopped contest because your opponent is outscored (20 points)
RSC-I Referee stopped contest because of injury to your opponent
RSC-H Referee stopped contest because opponent unfit to continue after head blows
or because opponent has had the maximum number of eight-counts for a round or bout
Walkover You are ready to box but your opponent fails to enter the ring
Draw Both boxer have amounted the same points.
No Contest damaged ring, weather, light, etc.