William Muldoon

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Manager & Official

William Muldoon
Class of 1996
Non-Participant Category
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Born: 1845, Belfast, New York
Died: 1933 (cancer), at the age of 88

  • William Muldoon was a Greco-Roman wrestler, and is considered America's first wrestling champion. He wrestled professionally until 1887.
  • Later he became the manager of World Heavyweight Champion John L. Sullivan and Chairman of the New York State Athletic Commission.
  • Former World Heavy Champion Gene Tunney established the William Muldoon Trophy shortly before his retirement in 1928, in honor of Muldoon. This trophy is inscribed with the names of every heavyweight champion from John L. Sullivan to the current champ.
  • Muldoon is a 2004 inductee into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame: [1]
  • Inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame on March 30, 2014.