William Rodenbach

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Name: William Rodenbach
Alias: Billy Rodenbach
Birth Name: William John Rodenbach
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Died: 1932-04-21 (Age:54)
Amateur Boxer: Record

William Rodenbach of the New York West Side Athletic Club won the National AAU at middleweight fives times (1900 to 1904). He also won the National AAU at heavyweight twice (1901 & 1904). In 1904 shortly after winning the AAU titles at middleweight and heavyweight (beating two middleweights & two heavyweights in one evening), he had notable victory vs. Sam Berger who later that year went on to be the first Olympic heavyweight champion. In top condition Rodenbach weighed 158 pounds, he stood 5'9". In his time Rodenbach was considered the best amateur in the United States and in the world by many.

In September 1904, newspapers reported that ligament damage to his elbow might end his career. He announced his intent to turn professional in Oct 1906, and signed for a bout with Joe Thomas. In January 1907 he pulled out of the fight as his arm was still not recovered. But, as late as August 1911 he was still talking of a comeback.

He died following surgery for a stomach ailment.

World War 1 era photo