Yankee Sullivan

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Yankee Sullivan
  • Born James Ambrose in Ireland
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  • Some report that he was actually born in Liverpool, England.
  • At one time, he was the owner of a famous New York saloon--the Sawdust House in Walker Street.
  • Died May 31, 1856 in San Francisco, California (found dead in prison).

His tombstone says he died at the hands of the "V.C." (Vigilance Committee).

"Yankee Sullivan committed suicide while confined in the committee?s headquarters, awaiting trial for various crimes. Sullivan became so panic-stricken when he heard a Vigilante say that he would probably be hanged on the morrow that he opened a vein in his wrist and bled to death before a physician could reach him." Source

Buried in Mission Dolores Cemetery, near Mission Dolores. Church: Dolores and 16th Sstreets, San Francisco, California. Because this is a Catholic cemetary, and Sullivan committed suicide, his burial there is considered highly unusual. His headstone reads :"May God Forgive My Persecutors".

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