Young Harry Wills

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Name: Young Harry Wills
Alias: Clarence T. (Teddy) Smith
Hometown: San Diego, California, USA
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA
Pro Boxer: Record

By early 1929, Wills was living and fighting out of Seattle, Washington. His co-managers, at least by early 1929, were Lonnie Austin & Buddy Bishop.

The July 23, 1929 DAILY OLYMPIAN newspaper of Olympia, Washington, reported that he had been charged with threatening to kill his wife, Gladys. "The boxer had taken his wife for a ride Friday night Mrs. Smith told police, stopping at a secluded spot where he announced his plans for killing her. Mrs. Smith said her husband told her he would either beat her to death or give her a start and then shoot her. He decided on the latter course, the woman said. At his command, she stepped away several paces, turned her back, covered her ears with her hands and awaited. Smith fired a shot, she continued, but it was wild. Silently the couple then got into the car and drove home."