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Name: Bobby Evans
Birth Name: Augustine C. Ardiss
Hometown: Portland, Oregon, USA
Died: 1974-10-00 (Age:81)
Pro Boxer: Record

After his boxing career ended, Bobby Evans became a well-known manager based out of Portland, Oregon. He also promoted and served as the Portland Commission's matchmaker in 1921. Some of the notable fighters he managed were:

According to the October 12, 1932 Portland Oregonian (Portland, OR, USA), Evans, then 38-years-old, had been arraigned the day before on a charge of burglary, for the alleged theft April 21 of recall petitions from the Davis Building. Subsequent articles indicate that he pleaded innocent, although the outcome of the trial, if any, is unknown. Evans's alleged accomplices were Nick DePinto and Ray DePinto.

In 1935 Evans served as a matchmaker for All Sports Inc., a syndicate that promoted boxing out of Portland. During this time he put on an exhibition tour in the Northwest with then Heavyweight champ Jim Braddock. He was fired not too long after, due to complaints that many of his main events were mismatches.

In the latter half of 1935 and early 1936 he was able to finish the deal that brought Light Heavyweight Champion John Henry Lewis to Spokane, to face Tiger Jack Fox, under the promotional banner of the Al Morse Boxing Club. It is believed that he did not work with Morse after that, however.

In 1937 and 1938, he was the matchmaker at Dreamland Auditorium in San Francisco. Evans then promoted in Cleveland in 1939, before moving to Cincinnati to promote in 1940. He also promoted in Tacoma in 1958.

It has been alleged that he was in the mob.