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This page explains how to understand the abbreviations and other code used by (Boxing Records Archive) for each fight record found in its database. The following is a sample from Jack Dempsey's record.

Sample Record: Jack Dempsey

What does "PTS" mean?
Each decision is defaulted as a generic points win. This is particularly true for older bouts, where it is often unknown how the judges scored the fight. Some countries (Britain most notably) have not always used judges, and thus decisions were given solely by the referee. Therefore, there had never been any need of unanimous or majority decisions so all decisions were recorded simply as "points." The judges' tallies for more current fights are usually known, however. If it is documented by some source to be a unanimous decision (UD), split-decision (SD), or majority decision (MD), the bout will reflect that.

What do the color codes mean?

You will also see green, red, and white boxes under the "last 6" section. These represent wins, losses, and draws of the opponent's last six bouts.

What does "W - L - D" mean?
This is the opponent's win-loss-draw record as of the date of that bout.

What do "A" "C" "I" mean? When you look at the BoxRec Ratings, or perform a "Name Search," you may notice these letters:

  • Green A: Active boxer (the boxer has fought within the past 365 days)
  • White C: Boxer has retired and the record is believed to be complete (all fights known for that boxer have been documented and included in the record)
  • Red I: Inactive (the boxer has not fought within the past 365 days; or it is a much-older record and it is unknown whether all career bouts have been found for that fighter)


  • The weights listed to the left belong to the boxer whose record you are viewing, while the weights on the right belong to his opponent.
  • The two columns to the farthest right are the number of rounds actually boxed, then the number of rounds the bout was scheduled to last (if known).

Blue Book Icons

  • If you see this Book-closed.gif when visiting a BoxRec boxer's record, immediately below his profile, that means nothing has been entered so far into his "Wiki" biography. His biography page is empty.
  • But if you see this open book icon Book-open.gif, click on it to learn more about that boxer.
  • If you see a closed book icon Book-closed.gif to the far right of the page when visiting a BoxRec boxer's record page, or when searching precise dates (sample date), that means nothing has been entered so far about that fight.
  • But if you see the open book Book-open.gif, some text and/or images have been inserted about the fight. Click on the blue book to learn more about that fight. It will lead you back to this Wikipedia. Both the boxer and fight "blue book" icons are doors to the full Boxing Wikipedia; so once you're inside the Wiki, explore the other boxing-related pages and subjects besides those of boxers and fights. (This feature is sometimes turned "off" to lessen the load on the BoxRec server.)

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