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Name: Chartchai Chionoi
Alias: Chartchai Laemfapha
Birth Name: Naris Chionoi
Hometown: Pathum Thani, Thailand
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Died: 2018-01-21 (Age:75)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 165cm
Reach: 166cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Charlart Wongjeep

  • 1957-10-02 Suratin Meprasert Bangkok, Thailand W KO 2 Amateur
  • Chionoi's predecessor as WBA flyweight champion, Masao Ohba, died in a car accident.
  • He had a close relationship with Masao Ohba's nephew Soh Ohba .

Preceded by:
Walter McGowan
World Flyweight Champion
(recognized by EBU, BBBofC,
Thailand & The Ring)

1966 Dec 30 – 1969 Feb 23
Succeeded by:
Efren Torres
Preceded by:
Horacio Enrique Accavallo
WBC Flyweight Champion
1968 Nov 10 – 1969 Feb 23
Succeeded by:
Efren Torres
Preceded by:
Efren Torres
WBC Flyweight Champion
1970 Mar 20 – 1970 Dec 7
Succeeded by:
Erbito Salavarria
Preceded by:
Masao Ohba
WBA Flyweight Champion
1973 May 17 – 1974 Oct 18
Succeeded by:
Susumu Hanagata