Chick Suggs

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Name: Chick Suggs
Birth Name: Edward Murray Suggs
Hometown: New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Washington, North Carolina, USA
Died: 1974-02-12 (Age:74)
Height: 165cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Dave Lumiansky
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Orginally from North Carolina, Chick Suggs started his career in Newport R.I. where he had come to live as a youth with his parents. An excellent fighter and contender, Suggs defeated fighters such as Abe Goldstein, Benny Bass and Sammy Fuller. Although occasionally promoted as being the World's Colored Bantam Champion, Suggs lost the only title shot he received during his career: losing a 10-round decision to Dick (Honeyboy) Finnegan for the Massuchusetts version of the World Featherweight Title. He was the older brother of fellow boxers Oscar and Louis Suggs.