Chuck Snyder

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Promotional Career

Chuck Snyder was the boxing promoter in the greater Spokane area from the mid-1920s, through the mid-1930s. He promoted boxing shows at assorted locales in the greater Spokane area, inlcuding Alan, Coeur d'Alene, Dishman, and Spokane itself. He quit promoting in 1933, due to declining health, only to return briefly in 1934. During his brief return he signed Tiger Jack Fox to his first Spokane bout. Boxing however was struggling in Spokane during this period, due to the Great Depression and a general lack of talent in the area. Snyder quietly faded from the scene in late 1934, to be replaced as Spokane's promoter by Al Morse and his matchmaker Lonnie Austin.

Managerial Career

As with many boxing promoters, Snyder had a financial interest in the fighters that he promoted. One fighter that he managed, while promoting was Young Firpo, during Firpo's days in the greater Spokane area during the late 1920s. Snyder also handled Bert Tribbey.