Clever Sencio

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Name: Clever Sencio
Alias: Binang Bullet
Birth Name: Inocencio Moldes
Hometown: California, USA
Birthplace: Leyte, Philippines
Died: 1926-04-20 (Age:21)
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Frank Churchill

On April 20, 1926, shortly before 9:00 a.m., a window washer discovered 21-year-old Clever Sencio lying dead in his hotel room, upon the bed in a pool of blood. This was the morning after his bout with Bud Taylor. He had been in the United States for about eight months, and had engaged in half a dozen or so contests.

It was later determined that he had died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Dr. Edward Milosphalvich said, "Sencio's body was that of a child in delicacy of structure." Sencio had "lightness of his arteries and veins on the left side of his skull, in the region of the forehead." Further, there was evidence of a previous hemorrhage. The doctor continued, "I feel positive death would have resulted in any encounter in which he engaged at that time. His vein and artery structure was too light and he simply was not suited for heavy ring combat."

Sencio's funeral was held at St. John's Catholic church in Milwaukee on April 21. He was buried in Manila.