Elisha Obed

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Elisha Obed

Name: Elisha Obed
Birth Name: Everette Ferguson
Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Birthplace: Nassau, Bahamas
Died: 2018-06-28 (Age:66)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 180cm
Reach: 183cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Trainer: Moe Fleischer
Managed: Mike Dundee.


Elisha Obed was one of the best fighters ever to come out of the Bahamas.

As a child growing up on the island of the Bahamas, Obed's heroes were boxers. He'd go down to the local gym and watch such local greats as Yama Bahama, and Gomeo Brennan training. The youngster dreamed of following in his idols' footsteps.

Obed entered the amateur ranks at age twelve. Fighting almost weekly, he ran up an undefeated record of 46-0 (16 knockouts). By 13, he was sparring with his idols, Bahama and Brennan. At 14, he decided to turn professional.

Obed's early record seems to be incomplete. For almost six years, he lingered on small promotions on the island. He was billed as undefeated, but in reality, he had lost a fight by knockout to veteran Kid Carew.

Obed's name was now known. Veteran trainer, manager, and promoter Moe Fleischer traveled to Nassau to "check-out" this upcoming prospect. "Sell Out" Moe, started training Obed. He worked on his jab, and taught him to shorten his punches. Mike Dundee, son of Angelo Dundee came in as his manager.

Soon Obed was fighting main events. He earned a top ten ranking by knocking out former title contender Bunny Grant. Obed made his U.S. debut in Florida. He destroyed Florida middleweight champion Dennis Riggs. He knocked out former Florida middleweight king Jimmy Williams. Promising prospects Tom Von Hatten, who was 17-3, and Marcel Clay, who was 18-7, both failed to last the distance with Obed.

The experts raved about Obed. His punching power sent shock waves throught the junior middleweight division. Obed proved the experts correct by winning the title via a knockout. In his first title defense, he destroyed "KO King" Tony Gardner, who once had a string of 24 straight knockouts in two rounds.

Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, the legend that was Elisha Obed was destroyed. He quit in his world title fight against Germany's Eckhard Dagge. Obed claimed he had blurred vision. He lost his title nevertheless.

Obed decided to enter the middleweight ranks. He started to lose. He began getting knocked out. By 27, he was back to where he started from, fighting on local fight cards in Nassau. Even against club-fighters like Homer Jackson and Willie Ray Taylor, Obed lost.

  • His loss to Kid Carew was unlisted for almost eight years, as he was reported incorrectly as undefeated in the press until his loss to Dagge.
  • Knocked out every top middleweight boxer in Florida in the early 1970s, including state Champion Dennis Riggs and former champion Jimmy Williams

Preceded by:
Miguel de Oliveira
WBC Light Middleweight Champion
1975 Nov 13 – 1976 Jun 18
Succeeded by:
Eckhard Dagge