Eugene Huat vs. Pete Sanstol (2nd meeting)

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Pete Sanstol 119 lbs beat Eugene Huat 118 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Date: 1932-10-25
  • Location: Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Referee: Ernest Boucher

One Montreal sports reporter shared the following eye-witness account. "Never in the history of his many spectacular fights in Montreal rings did Sanstol give a more dazzling exhibition of straight boxing skill, amazing precision of distance in gauging his opponent's blows, and of lightning returns." He had Huat "plainly bewildered."
At one point "Huat swung so hard and missed completely that he spun right around in his tracks, upon which Sanstol shot a left with deadly speed to the head.... To use an old bromide of the ring, he gave Huat a boxing lesson."
In the seventh round Sanstol "was dancing back, hands down, when Huat suddenly plunged forward and lashed out with both hands and down went the blonde. He scrambled up without a count but the wallop from the hardest puncher in bantam ranks plainly weakened him, and he was tired and bleeding freely at the end of the session."

Pete Sanstol was the old Blonde Dynamo last night—the best bantamweight in the world, possibly barring gangling Al. Brown, who isn't so much a fighter as he is a physical freak. Coming back to the ring wars under a cloud of doubt as to physical condition and stamina, the Norwegian perpetual motion machine stands out in the clear sunlight today. Blazing through a dramatic ten rounds, he gave a dazzling exhibition of speed and flawless boxing skill to set at nought the terrific punching power and endless aggression of grim-faced Eugene Huat of France.
Only once did Sanstol seem to falter—that in the seventh round when Huat, plunging in, head down, fists flying, whipped a smashing hook that landed on Sanstol's mouth, split his upper lip right through and dropped him sharply on his haunches for the only knockdown of the fight. Pete was caught off-balance by the blow...."It was a left he hit me with," said Sanstol, between swollen lips in his dressing-room right after. "It caught me high. If it had been flush it would have been just too bad.”
From the seventh on, Sanstol fought with blood gushing down his chin, but he fought magnificently. Though weakened by the blow, he still retained his boxing skill, and holding Huat even in the eighth as the frowning little Frenchman made his most desperate drive of the fight, Sanstol boxed so perfectly in the ninth that he took the round, and held Huat even in a furiously-fought final three minutes... Sanstol, grim-mouthed, bleeding, was ready for no retreating battle and throughout they battled viciously, with nothing between them as both battered away. But Sanstol, in superb form, rallied in the ninth, took the round on points and the tenth was a bitterly-fought toss-up, an even break. Huat was twice warned for heeling in the tenth, but on the whole it was not only a great, but cleanly-fought, match; one of the most spectacular ever seen at the Forum.

Montreal Daily Herald, October 26, 1932.

Sanstol As Good As He Ever Was—Or Better
Sanstol looked great. He shared in his come-back triumph, for his status was a bit beclouded after the weak fashion in which he finished against Pladner. Undoubtedly as good as ever and, in the opinion of many critics, he is even better. His slipping of punches by hair-breadth fractions, his feinting, and his speed of fist and foot were equal to anything he ever showed in a Montreal ring. Definitely, too, this fight proved that Sanstol's right foot has been completely cured....

Montreal Daily Herald, October 26, 1932.

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