Pete Sanstol vs. Eugene Huat (1st meeting)

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Pete Sanstol 118 lbs beat Eugene Huat 118 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

World Bantamweight Title
(Canadian Boxing Federation & Montreal Athletic Commission Versions: Sanstol defending)
Huat is the French Bantamweight Champion at this time
Judges & Scores: J. Lynch (Sanstol 5, Huat 2, 3 even), E. Metivier (4-3-3), Dr. L. O. Geoffrion (6-4)


Fight by Rounds

Round One -- Both showed anxiety as they were waiting for the bell to start the battle. Huat went into a crouched position and opened with his left which was short. Sanstol closed in with a light right to the body and backed away from Huat's swing. Both led with their lefts and crossed with their rights to the head and came to a clinch for a period of infighting. Huat sent two quick left jabs to Sanstol's mouth. Sanstol swung with his right, landing on the shoulder as Huat ducked away. Sanstol smothered a series of blows from Huat and sent a left to the neck. They were fighting very cautiously each awaiting an opportunity to land a clean blow. The chance came for Sanstol who sent in a left and right to the head and body. Huat cut through Sanstol's guard with a left and Sanstol came into a clinch. Huat was forcing the fight, leading with his left at all stages. Pete sent in two lefts to the head and a right to the body. They were sparring as the bell sounded.

Round Two -- Sanstol opened the round as the aggressor. He ducked under Huat's left lead and sent a right to the body. Huat closed in and was fighting to land an uppercut, leading with his left to draw Sanstol on. Sanstol landed a straight right to the chin as Huat backed away. They were fighting toe to toe. Pete rushed in, sending in a right and left to the body. Huat was short with a left, but landed with a right to the body, Pete retaliating with a left to the head. Sanstol missed a right swing and Huat broke through his guard with a left. Huat was depending on his uppercut under the heart to keep Sanstol off. Pete landed a right cross that shook Huat's head up. The Frenchman came into a clinch. Sanstol was fighting with both hands swinging to head and body. Huat was devoting his time to smothering the blows, while waiting an opportunity to land. Huat tapped Sanstol lightly with a left and a right to the head and body as the bell sounded. There was no marked advantage for either fighter in the first two rounds.

Round Three -- Huat was the first to score, sending a left swing to Sanstol's jaw. Sanstol backed away and came in again to land lightly with his right to the body. Sanstol feinted with his left and sent in a right cross to Huat's head. Huat shot a straight right cross to Sanstol's jaw and came back with a left swing to the side of the head, forcing Sanstol to back away. Pete tapped Huat lightly to the head with a left and sent in a right cross. Huat feinted with a left to the head and crossed with a right, cutting Sanstol's left eye. Sanstol connected lightly with a left, smothered a series of blows from Huat and crossed with his right. He was carrying the fight while Huat was fighting from the centre of the ring, shooting at Sanstol to the head with a right. Both missed right swings. Huat tapped Sanstol lightly on the neck as they broke for the bell.

Round Four -- Sanstol landed with his left and missed with a right swing. Huat sent a right uppercut to the body and missed a swing with his left. Sanstol was leading with his left and crossing with his right, his jabs finding their mark, while his right-hand swings were short, Huat backing away. Huat landed to the ribs with a right cross and swung a left to the side of the head. Sanstol feinted with his left and shot a short right swing to Huat's body. In the break, Sanstol connected with his left and Huat sent home a right cross. Huat sent a left to the body and crossed with a right, forcing Sanstol to break ground. Huat uppercutted to the neck. Sanstol sent a left to the side of the head and missed a right swing. Huat was using his right hand to marked advantage, playing a tattoo on Sanstol's body. Sanstol landed two stiff left-hand punches to the head and body at the bell.

Round Five -- There was no letting up in the pace as they came out in the fifth round, marking the half-way spot in the battle. Huat was short with a left jab, Pete taking advantage of it to land a stiff right to Huat's head. Pete was showing better footwork than he had at any time in the bout. He was carrying the fighting. Huat, who had been on the defensive, broke through Sanstol's guard to land a left and a right hook. The blow lost its weight as Sanstol turned away with it. Sanstol missed a right to the head and Huat plugged in a left to the body. Sanstol feinted with a left and sent a right to the side of the head, while Huat misjudged a right uppercut and swung wild. Huat was making every effort to close in for infighting at which he was the better. Sanstol was holding Huat off with stiff left jabs, making desperate efforts to land a hard right cross. Pete was the aggressor and had a good margin at the end of the round.

Round Six -- Both appeared fresh at the start of the sixth round, keeping up the fast clip at which they had started. Huat was burying his chin under a shoulder guard, making Sanstol waste his right-hand crosses. Huat landed lightly with his left, Sanstol crossed with the right, connecting on the side of the head. Sanstol feinted with the left and sent over a hard right cross making Huat turn away. Huat had changed his tactics and showed a preference for open boxing rather than infighting. Both were using their left-hand jabs, watching for an opportunity to land with a right. Sanstol's chance came first and he sent in a stiff one to the body and a right to the head. Huat plunged in a right to the body and a straight left, following up with a right swing. They came to a clinch and at the break Sanstol landed frequently with a right and a left while Huat kept shooting a hard right, leaving an opening for Sanstol to cross with his right and land on the side of the head. They were both in good shape as the bell sounded.

Round Seven -- Pete was the first to land. He tapped Huat lightly on the side of the head with a right, followed with a left, and then opened to allow Huat to score with a right. He repeated with lefts and rights, driving Sanstol into the corner. The blonde boy fought his way out to the centre with a barrage of left and right swings which kept Huat backing away. Huat missed a right swing and Sanstol sent in two light left taps to the head. Both landed stiff right-hand punches to the jaw. Both misjudged right-hand swings and landed with their lefts. Sanstol scored lightly with his left to the face, while Huat was swinging with his right and landing on Sanstol's shoulder. The Norwegian ducked away from the blows. Huat landed with a left swing which opened a gash over Sanstol's other eye. Any advantage, Huat held it to the end.

Round Eight -- Sanstol was guarding cautiously against Huat's left swings. Huat was devoting more time to the use of his left than his right. Huat missed with a right and tapped Pete lightly with his left under the heart. Sanstol was in a crouching position and was forced out of his positions by a right uppercut by Huat. Huat landed a hard left to the jaw and followed with a right that made Sanstol go to his knees. Sanstol crawled to the ropes and got up and went into a clinch. Huat was sending in rights and lefts and Sanstol was staggering. Sanstol clinched again to save himself and seemed bewildered and couldn't get away from the right crosses delivered by Huat. Pete was showing wonderful courage and fighting back. His face was a sight, swollen and cut from the heavy blows landed by Huat. Sanstol in his desperation landed a right to Huat's jaw that made the Frenchman stagger as the bell sounded the end of the round.

Round Nine -- Game little Sanstol came from his corner with a rush. His left eye was practically closed and the other badly cut. He fought back terrifically while Huat sent in right crosses and left swings to the body and head, making it a point to land on the injured eye whenever possible. They were fighting like tigers, Huat to win over the local favorite by a knockout and Sanstol making desperate efforts to go the limit of ten rounds in the severest test he had ever been given. Both showed signs of fatigue. They slowed down in the speed that they had previously shown and were fighting more cautiously. Sanstol landed lightly with his left and sent over a right cross. Huat sent over a straight to left jab to the eye and a right cross to the chin. Both plugged home lefts and rights. Pete sent in a right cross, Huat turned around as it landed, making it lose its force. They were at infighting as the bell sounded.

Round Ten -- They shook hands as they came out for the last round. They immediately clinched, Huat breaking away and sending a straight left to Sanstol's face. Pete crossed with his right and feinted with the left and missed with his right as Huat ducked away. Sanstol tapped lightly with his left to the body and the head, while Huat was rushing him in all directions around the ring. At infighting there was little damage done. In the breakaway Pete landed with his left and missed with a right. He landed to the side of the head with a left swing and pushed Huat away with his right. Pete was now fighting like a demon. He forced Huat into a neutral corner with wild left and right-hand swings which were finding their mark. They came into a clinch and Huat steadied down a bit. He landed lightly with the left and sent over a right cross to the head. Pete landed three quick blows with his left as the bell sounded.

Montreal Gazette

Out-Boxes Huat To Win Thrilling And Gory Tilt
Before Big Forum Crowd
by E. W. Ferguson

The slugger finishes second to the boxer again.
Eugene Huat, broad-shouldered, heavy-fisted little son of old France, undeniably out-slugged Pete sanstol in their ten-round thriller at the Forum last night for the right to meet Al. Brown here on August 26 in a match for the world’s bantam title. His thudding gloves dropped Sanstol to his knees in the eighth, ripped two gashes in the Norseman’s face and forced him to finish the battle streaming blood.
But, apart from these effective blows, Sanstol out-boxed the little Frenchman with the crashing fists that ripped with such lethal force from short range. Occasionally, but not often, Sanstol out-punched Huat, but always he out-boxed him, and on a straight points basis was clearly entitled to the unanimous decision he received from the three judges.
Sanstol ended the fight with blood streaming from two cuts in his face, one below the left eye, one beside the right. But bathed in blood, out-slugged in the finishing rounds, he at no time lost any of his speed nor boxing skill, and time after time, Huat’s zipping gloves went streaking through empty air as their dancing, phantom target flitted out of reach on nimble toes and tireless legs.
The decision brought about the natural disagreement of opinion, those who fancy the straight puncher taking the side of Huat. But those who figure their boxing on points and who, in the seventh round, saw Huat miss sixteen straight punches, and saw Sanstol out-box him by a wide margin, conceded the edge to the Norwegian.
Those things are much in the point of view.

Montreal Daily Herald

Norwegian Bantam Gains Unpopular Victory
Before 9,000 at Forum
Paul Lahaye, Commission Judge, Tears Up License
Winner Meets Brown Here August 25

In one of the fiercest fights witnessed in Montreal since the revival of boxing almost twenty years ago, Peter Sanstol, popular Norwegian battler now making his home in Montreal under local management, was given a decision that was distasteful to the majority of the nine thousand who crowded the Forum last night to see Sanstol and Huat battle for the right to meet Panama Al Brown for the world's bantamweight championship here August 25. The decision, in the opinion of many, did not add to the popularity of Pete Sanstol and it brought forth arguments, boos and hisses until long after the fighters had reached their dressing rooms.
Paul Lahaye, who for some time has served as a judge for the commission and at one time a champion fighter, created a great deal of excitement when he took his judge's licence out of his pocket, walked up to Dr. Gaston Demers, chairman of the commission, and tore it up in front of him, expressing disgust at the decision rendered in favor of Sanstol.
Many in the vast throng were willing to concede a draw to Sanstol, which would not have been giving him any the worst of it and would also have enabled him to retain the alleged world's title bestowed on him by the local commission. Such a decision would not have been unfair to a battler who came to Montreal and gave his best, earning for himself the friendship of hundreds who witnessed his exhibition of skill and cleverness.
There is no blaming Sanstol for the decision. He was there to do his part and even when it looked bad for him he never lost his smile and fought throughout the ten rounds in a courageous manner. There is no blame attached to any but the judges and when they handed in their slips each was for the blonde battler. There was a shock in store for many when Dr. Demers took the slips from the announcer and pointed to Sanstol. A victory must have even surprised Sanstol himself. As one walked through the crowd to the exits of the building, right and left could be heard the same remarks and expressions of surprise, many pointing out that a draw should have been the worst given to the little French fighter.

The Gazette

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