Frank DePaula

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Name: Frank DePaula
Hometown: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Died: 1970-09-14 (Age:31)
Stance: Orthodox
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record


Frank (Jersey Jolter) DePaula, trained at the Bayonne Police Athletic League in Bayonne, New Jersey. He began his amateur boxing career at age 20. He developed his punching power as an iron-worker. He married his wife Marylee in 1960 and had a son, Frank, Jr. His younger brother, Robert, was one of the top semi-pro pitchers in New Jersey in 1963.

DePaula won the 1962 New York Golden Gloves 175lb Sub-Novice Championship by defeating William Sanders of the West 28th Street Parks Department Gym in the finals.

DePaula broke the jaw of a police officer's son in a street brawl and served a prison sentence as a result. While at Rahway State Prison he met Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. DePaula claimed in a 1968 Boxing Illustrated article that he and Carter once knocked out about ten other inmates in a prison brawl.

Upon his release from prison, DePaula worked as a bouncer. Al Braverman claimed he was jumped by a dozen guys at the club where DePaula worked, when he and DePaula proceeded to knock out all twelve of their attackers.

DePaula became the second man to deck former Middleweight/Lightheavyweight Champion Dick Tiger, and was credited with knocking down World Lightheavyweight Champion Bob Foster in their title fight. DePaula was down three times in the first round before that fight was halted.

DePaula later associated with a "dangerous" crowd and ended up the victim of a "hit." He was hospitalized for months, unable to move from the neck down.

Frank DePaula died of pnemonia on September 14, 1970, as a result of gunshot wounds he suffered a year earlier.


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