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Name: Fred Bogan
Alias: Freddie Bogan
Birth Name: Frederick W Bogan
Hometown: San Rafael, California, USA
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, USA
Died: 1923-09-25 (Age:52)
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Fred Bogan wrote a series of articles for the Everett Morning Tribune (Everett, WA, USA) newspaper in 1915, reminiscing about his former days in boxing and of some of the greats he had known personally. (The August 29, 1916 Seattle Star reported that it would be publishing a series of articles written by Bogan. [1]) According to a May 21, 1915 article, Bogan retired from boxing around 1901. He was reported as being 44 years-old in 1915 (exact date of birth unknown). He wrote that he had won the National Amateur Featherweight Title, as well as the Pacific Coast Featherweight Title.

The Oct. 28, 1911 Tacoma Daily News mentioned that Bogan had opened a physical education school at Billy Shannon's training quarters in San Rafael, CA.

Around 1913 he had moved to Everett, Washington, where he opened three steam baths, became the proprietor of the downtown Colby Hotel, and promoted boxing for a short spell, renewing interest in the sport throughout Snohomish County--after a long boxing "dry-spell" commencing from the 1906 Everett "ring-death" of Johnny Crowe. [2]

He was one of Travie Davis's and Charley (Red) Egan's (Everett boxers) first supporters. In fact, he became Egan's manager.

The April 23, 1916 Everett Tribune reported that Bogan was opening a boxing school in the Riverside district of Everett, with boxing lessons to be given three times a week. The gym would always be open.

By late 1916, Bogan had moved back to the San Francisco area where he opened a popular training facility. He began managing Oakland Frankie Burns at that time. Meanwhile, Charley Egan moved from Everett to San Francisco to once again be managed by Bogan and to train at his facility.

The Dec. 18, 1903 San Francisco Call reported that Bogan, was to inherit $50,000, and planned to open a hotel in Belgrade, Montana. [3]

Undated Bout: 1900 LKO-2 Harry Fails

Much of Bogan's BoxRec Fight Record was provided by Tracy Callis of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO).