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The IBRO Journal is published by the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO), and is available only to its subscribed members--by either a printed version mailed to its members or online via its Web site.

On May 12, 1982, the newly-organized IBRO issued its inaugural newsletter, announcing plans for future bi-monthly newsletters and an annual Journal. The bi-monthly newsletters eventually gave way over the years to the current format of four quarterly journals. John Grasso published IBRO Newsletters #01 through #05, Tim Leone published IBRO Journal #39, Ralph Citro published IBRO Journals #49-65, and Dan Cuoco has been the current publisher since Journal #66.

Today each issue of the IBRO Journal consists of some 100-plus pages, containing contributions from its members--such as compilations of boxers' career fight records (consisting of updated records based upon recent research), "Additions & Corrections" to fight records, "Classic Photos & Illustrations," "Final Bell" (about boxing-related people who have passed away since the last issue), reprints of vintage magazine and newspaper articles and photos, plus original articles written by its members (who usually are not professional writers, but enthusiastic none-the-less).

In January 2011, the IBRO inaugurated its Online Newsletter to bridge the time gap between publication of each quarterly Journal, but more importantly to provide other material its membership had contributed lately that couldn't fit into the most-recently published issue.

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Tables of Contents (for Journals)

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Tables of Contents (for Online Newsletters)

Issues 1-5: No. 1|No. 2|No. 3|No. 4|No. 5|No. 6|No. 7|No. 8|No. 9|No. 10|No. 11|No. 12|