Hozumi Hasegawa

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Name: Hozumi Hasegawa
Birth Name: 長谷川穂積
Hometown: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
Birthplace: Nishiwaki, Hyogo, Japan
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 168cm
Reach: 171cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Professional record

Championship record

  • 12 opponents (7 by KO) beaten in world title fights.
    • 1 opponent (0 by KO) in World Featherweight Title fights.
    • 1 opponent (0 by KO) in World Super Bantamweight Title fights.
    • 10 opponents (7 by KO) in World Bantamweight Title fights.

Preceded by:
Veeraphol Sahaprom
WBC Bantamweight Champion
2005 Apr 16 – 2010 Apr 30
Succeeded by:
Fernando Montiel
Preceded by:
Elio Rojas
Declared Champion in Recess
WBC Featherweight Champion
2010 Nov 26 – 2011 Apr 8
Succeeded by:
Jhonny Gonzalez
Preceded by:
Hugo Ruiz
WBC Super Bantamweight Champion
2016 Sept 16 – 2016 Dec
Succeeded by:
Rey Vargas