Intercity Golden Gloves

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1939 Program

The Intercity Golden Gloves were designed to engage bouts between regional New York and Chicago fighters or with fighters that had fared well in the Chicago and New York tournaments.

The Intercity tournaments were fought in eight weight divisions: 112 lb., 118 lb., 125 lb.,, 147 lb., 160 lb., 175 lb. and heavyweight.

The matches from 1928 to 1934 were fought in first and second divisions. In 1935 the tournament was tranformed to championships and alternate titles. Both the victorious champions and alternate titlists received rings and recognition for their achievement. Sometimes team coaches chose participants who had been involved in controversial or close decisions in previous tournaments. The alternate titlist bouts were not fought in 1954 through 1957. The Intercity Golden Gloves were publized as and were team competions with the team with the most wins the victor. Occasionally they had ties. This format ended after the 1961 tournament.

Some felt the bouts were more politicized, others felt that they were the national championships, regardless the matches are held in eminent esteem. Overall the Intercity Golden Gloves tournament along with the Chicago and New York tournaments were the most prestigious tournaments of their era.

The Intercity matches resumed from 1977 through 1981, being fought in eleven different weight divisions, 106 lb., 112 lb., 119 lb., 125 lb,. 132 lb., 139 lb., 147 lb., 156 lb., 165 lb., 178 lb. and heavyweight.

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