James Youngblood

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James Youngblood

Name: James Youngblood
Alias: Skyscraper
Hometown: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Birthplace: Liberty City, Florida, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 206cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Career High-lights

Youngblood was a dishwasher at Howie's Bar on 5th Street and Miami Beach. The bar was located on the same street as the famed 5th Street Gym.

Youngblood stood 6 feet 9 inches. and weighed over 260lbs. and was promoted by Chris Dundee. Youngblood also fought under the names James Clatman and Ted Carver.

He was trained by Boxing-Hall-of-Famer Beau Jack and by Solomon McTier. Youngblood bore a striking resemblance to another Florida heavyweight, Jimmy Summerville.