Joey Archer vs. Rubin Carter

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Archer throws a right at Carter

Joey Archer 161 lbs beat Rubin Carter 158 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 5-4-1 Carter
  • Unofficial UPI scorecard: 5-4-1 Carter
  • AP poll of 12 writers: 5 scored it for Carter and 5 had it for Archer.
  • UPI poll of 16 writers: 8 scored for Carter, 7 favored Archer and 1 had it a draw.


  • Carter was ranked No. 1 at middleweight by the WBA and No. 8 by The Ring Magazine.
  • Archer was ranked No. 6 at middleweight by the WBA and No. 4 by The Ring Magazine.
  • A crowd of 8,592 produced a gate of $36,417.
  • Both fighters were guaranteed $7,500.

"Archer Wins Split Vote, Calls For Dick Tiger"
United Press International | October 26, 1963

Irish Joey Archer, a superb boxer, will file a middleweight title challenger and $2,500 check with the New York State Athletic Commission Monday because of his controversial upset decision Friday over slugger Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, top contender.

Dick Tiger of Nigeria is world champion.

Rangy, brown-haired Archer of New York staggered to a split decision victory over Carter of Paterson, N.J., who had 25-year-old Joey on the verge of a knockout in the final round at Madison Square Garden before 8,592 electrified spectators.

Their thrilling 10-round fight was not televised.

Archer, a 2-1 underdog, was awarded a split decision at the finish, for his seventh straight win. It was on a rounds basis as follows: Referee Arthur Mercante, 5-4-1, and Tony Castellano, 6-4. But judge Al Berl had Carter ahead, 6-4.

The United Press International also favored Carter, 5-4-1, and a poll of 16 writers at the ringside had Carter narrowly ahead, 8-7-1.

Archer weighed 161 pounds to 28-year-old Carter's 158.

Former dockworker Joey gave a magnificent display of boxing skill as he scored his 37th victory in 38 bouts. In the first two rounds and in the fifth and seventh, Joey's "repeater" left jabs and following rights had the mustachioed New Jersey slugger off-balance and sometimes missing wildly.

But it was Carter who stalked his opponent about the ring and threw harmful hooking bombs in the third, fourth, sixth, eighth and 10th.