Jose Luis Lopez (Maestrito)

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Name: Jose Luis Lopez
Alias: Maestrito
Hometown: Victoria de Durango, Durango, Mexico
Birthplace: Victoria de Durango, Durango, Mexico
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 173cm
Reach: 178cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Trainer: Lou Duva

Career Overview

Lopez is a classic puncher-boxer with great skills; he has an incredible ability to absorb a punch and tremendous power to knock out most of his opponents. Handpicked as an "easy" opponent against then champion Eamonn Loughran, he knocked down the champ three times and ended up winning by KO in the first round. In time Lopez failed to show the desire which had aided his rise to the top, and decided that hanging out with his girlfriend, smoking cannabis and surfing were preferable to the long hours in the gym required to fight at the elite level. Thus his big fights were characterised by long periods of passiveness, where the aggression required to take the initiative was nowhere to be seen. He was very fortunate to receive a draw against Ike Quartey in a fight where he spent most of the rounds laungishing on the outside getting hammered with Quartey's jab, only to come alive in the late rounds when it was too late. In his last fight before a four year hiatus, he surprisingly lost a championship bout against underdog James Page.

Preceded by:
Eamonn Loughran
WBO Welterweight Champion
1996 Apr 13 – 1996 Oct 6
Succeeded by:
Michael Loewe