Kenny Klingman

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Kenny Klingman
Kenny Klingman

Name: Kenny Klingman
Alias: The Zion Lion
Hometown: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Birthplace: Miami Beach, Florida, USA
Height: 189cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Trainers: Sully Emmett and Lou Gross


  • Klingman was born and raised on Miami Beach, Florida. He was a graduate of Miami Beach Senior High School, and at an early age became interested in boxing. He started training at the Miami Beach Police Athletic League Boxing Program.
  • While at the PAL, Klingman was taken under the wing of veteran trainer and cornerman Sully Emmett. Klingman trained at the 5th Street Gym on South Beach. Klingman turned pro in 1977, and quickly racked up an impressive string of knockouts, stopping such veterans as Lee Walker,Tony Foreman, and Max Hord.
  • Klingman is listed on BoxRec as 22-0, scoring 21 consecutive knockouts between 1977 and 1982. However, a May 1984 Miami Herald newspaper article in the 'Neighbor's Section' listed Klingman's record as 24-0, with 24 knockouts. An unconfirmed/undated bout is Klingman scoring a first round knockout over Thomas Warr in Miami Beach. T
  • Klingman's fight with 1-27 club fighter Pee Wee Dunbar was stopped in the eighth round. Dunbar complained about the 'stoppage', saying he was fine, and then did 50 push-ups in the ring to prove it.
  • Klingman's last official bout was against 1-6 clubfighter Derrick Doughty. On July 30, 1983, at County Hall, in Charleston, South Carolina. Doughty landed an accidental low blow which sent Klingman to the canvas. After a five minute rest period, Klingman was still unable to continue. Referee Danny Berlinsky ruled that since the blow was an accident, the fight had to go to the scorecards; Klingman won a close technical decision.
  • Klingman retired undefeated from boxing. He then went into law enforement. First he worked for the Miami Beach Police Department as a patrolman. Later, in 1985, he became a member of the Bal Harbour Police Department. Klingman has served with crime watch, uniform patrol, motorcycle traffic enforcement, and the VIN unit. In July 2004 was awarded the Bal Harbour 'Officer of the Month'. In September 2004 Klingman was awarded the Dade County Chief's 'Police Officer of the Month' award.
  • Klingman went on to become a captain with the Bal Harbour Police Department. He is a member of the Dade County Chiefs of Police Association, and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.


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Klingman was brought along very slow, to say the least. His opponents records were 0-32-4 for his first 12 professional bouts.

The total record of opposition at the time of meeting was 38- 104- 4