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Name: Lou Brouillard
Birth Name: Lucien Pierre Brouillard
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Saint Eugene, Quebec, Canada
Died: 1984-09-14 (Age:73)
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 166cm
Reach: 180cm
Pro Boxer: Record

According to an "Oddities of the Sports World" newspaper column of Sept. 23, 1931, Lou Brouillard started as a right-handed boxer. Early on, however, he broke some rib bones on his right side, hampering his ability to hit with his right hand. He therefore converted to a southpaw.

Bob Yalen has examined the scrapbooks of Lou Brouillard. The following list consists of fights mentioned in the scrapbooks, but which have not yet been verified from newspapers, and therefore are not yet included in his BoxRec record. Many of Brouillard's early bouts occurred in smaller cities and some or all of these unverified fights may yet be discovered.


  • Mickey Mullins, Willimantic CT, W KO-1 (a second 1928 fight with Mullins);
  • Mickey Travers, Waterbury CT, W KO-4
  • Billy Student, Worcester MA, W KO-2
  • Joe Bardy, Worcester, W KO-2
  • Johnny Parker (or Packer?), Keene NH, W KO-3


  • Dan Fruzzenne, Keene NH, W KO-3;
  • Billy Carney, location uncertain, L Points (number of rounds uncertain)


  • Stanley Reid, Danielson CT, W KO-5
  • Jimmy Dwyer, Danielson CT, W KO-3