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Nazim Richardson is an American boxing trainer, best known for his work as the trainer of Bernard Hopkins. Richardson has also worked with Steve Cunningham and Shane Mosley, most notably in his win over Antonio Margarito.

Richardson is the father and trainer of boxing twin brothers Rock Allen and Tiger Allen. He also trains his nephews, brothers Karl Dargan and Mike Dargan.

In 2014, Richardson worked with WBA number nine worldwide ranked heavyweight Travis Kauffman, guiding him to the vacant WBA Fedalatin title and his first 10 round decision win, and also worked with rising unbeaten Philadelphia light heavyweight prospect Khalib 'Bigfoot' Whitmore.

Antonio Margarito Incident

Prior to the January 24, 2009 bout between Antonio Margarito and Sugar Shane Mosley, Richardson, Mosley's trainer, found what one doctor described as plaster hidden in the wrapped hands of Margarito, leading to accusations that Margarito may have been trying to cheat. On Nazim Richardson's demands, California State Inspector Dean Lohuis called for Margarito's hands to be rewrapped. According to Judd Burstein, the attorney for Mosley, Margarito had wet pads in the wrapping. Mosley's doctor, Robert Olivera, likened the material to the type of plaster used to make casts. Burstein said he seized the pad removed from the wrapping and another pad found in Margarito's dressing room. Both were placed in a sealed box that was given to Lohuis for further study. On February 11, 2009, the California State Athletic Commission revoked their licenses. The revocations meant that neither Margarito nor Capetillo could participate in boxing in the United States for at least one year.