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Pedro "Pellin" Avila was a Panamanian boxing trainer (born on August 7, 1942 in the Province of Colon, Republic of Panama), his parents were from Portobelo, also from the Colon province.

He started his career in boxing as an amateur in 1968, fighting for the "Cincuentenario" Club under the supervision of Marcelo Becford. He fought at welterweight making only 12 fights. In 1970 he started his career as a trainer inspired by a kid nicknamed "Mello" who became in 2004 the mayor of San Miguelito City in Panama, Hector Carrasquilla. Pellin worked at the Orlando Winter Stadium and his first group of boxers was called "The Dobermans". He attended several seminars with renowned experts in different fields of boxing including handwrapping, massaging and cuts. He is considered one of the best cutmen in Latin America. With more than 36 years as trainer, Mr. Avila has crowned several world champions like:

He has also taken several fighters to dispute world titles like:

Prior to his obliged retirement forced by a prostate cancer, Pellín was training prospects Azael Cosio, Alvaro Vergara and Rafael Concepcion.