Primo Carnera vs. Tommy Loughran

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Carnera throws a left at Loughran.

Tommy Loughran 186 lbs lost to Primo Carnera 270 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • Originally scheduled for February 22, the bout was set back six days because of a conflict with a number of social events on that date. It was then postponed another day due to rain.
  • Carnera was a 5-1 favorite to win.
  • The day after the fight, the Associated Press reported that there was an estimated crowd of 15,000, of whom a third were there "on the house," and the gate receipts were between $40,000 to $50,000. When the official count revealed a paid crowd of 8,624 and a gate of $44,598.
  • There was a paid crowd of 8,624 and the gate of $44,598.
  • Carnera outweighed Loughran by 84 pounds. It was the largest-ever weight difference in a title fight until Nikolay Valuev fought John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title on December 17, 2005. Valuev outweighed Ruiz by 86¼ pounds: 324 to 237¾.