Shannon Briggs vs. Sultan Ibragimov

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Challenger rankings
As of December 2006
As of November 2006
Data Boxing Punchstats
Total Punches Ibragimov Briggs
Landed 94 39
Thrown 245 228
Pct. 38.4% 17.1%
Power Punches Ibragimov Briggs
Landed 88 19
Thrown 177 86
Pct. 50% 22%

Shannon Briggs 273 lbs lost to Sultan Ibragimov 221 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Shannon Briggs 48-4-1 (42 KOs) vs. Sultan Ibragimov 20-0-1 (17 KOs)
  • Bout announced on January 27.[1]
  • The bout was televised on Warriors PPV in the US for $30.
  • Originally scheduled for March 10th, was postponed as Briggs fell ill with pneumonia.
  • According to Ibragimov, his former coach Panama Lewis warned him that Briggs was going to look for an excuse to pull out of the fight.
  • There were rumours about Briggs pulling out of the fight again, which Ibragimov believed was a tactic from Briggs' team to make Ibragimov relaxed and disrupt his training process.
  • In preparation for the fight, Ibragimov teamed up with Jeff Mayweather, who became his head coach. Ibragimov also became a member of Mayweather's boxing gym.
  • At 273 pounds, Briggs was as heavy as he had been in his career.
  • Briggs entered having won 12 consecutive bouts dating back over 5 years, when he was defeated by Jameel McCline.
  • According to CompuBox, Ibragimov outstruck Briggs in every round but first (even). He also landed min. 3x as many power punches as Briggs in every round but 7th (7-4 in favor of Ibragimov) and 11th (5-2 in favor of Ibragimov).
  • Briggs was unable to land more than 6 punches per round, and failed to land anything in round 9.
  • Briggs was guaranteed $1.8 million for the bout, while Ibragimov earned $600,000.
  • Briggs announced his retirement immediately following the bout.


  • "I've never had a fight like this before. Not even in the amateurs. This tactic of waiting is not for me. I prefer to go forward and be aggressive. And here I had to 'step on my own throat', because my coaches before and during the fight kept telling me: 'Do not go into trading blows - that's exactly what he wants. Don't do what he wants you to do.' Even didn't go for the finish [in the sixth], restrained myself, even though I saw that he was hurt. I wasn't happy with myself because of this, but my cornermen kept telling me after every round that I was doing great and was winning." - Sultan Ibragimov
  • "During preparation, we devoted a lot of time on working on speed and movement. But all that work was almost a waste of time. The ring I fought on against Briggs was different than those I had worked on during training camp. It was incredibly soft, it was difficult to move on it - the feet were stuck as if in sand. But if experts praised my footwork, maybe [all that work] did pay off." - Sultan Ibragimov