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Carlos "Panama" Lewis (November 4, 1945 – September 2020) was an American boxing trainer. He was convicted of tampering with the gloves of Luis Resto for his fight against Billy Collins Jr. in 1983, which subsequently led to the end of Collins' boxing career. Collins suffered from depression and possibly committed suicide following the assault.

Banned from being at ringside for life after removing the padding from the gloves of Luis Resto before a fight with Billy Collins Jr. Lewis and Resto also served jail time for this offense. Lewis is popularly known for working in the corner of former WBA and IBF world light welterweight champion Aaron Pryor's first bout with Alexis Arguello. One of the most remembered cornerman quotes ever said was made by Lewis in this bout, when he said to a tiring Pryor: "You want the (black) bottle. The one I mixed." After drinking from the bottle, Pryor appeared to become refreshed with new stamina and energy. No one -- to this day -- knows what was in the bottle. Luis Resto claimed that Lewis would break open antihistamine pills then add them to the water.

Trained former WBO World Heavyweight champion Sultan Ibragimov