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If you happened to catch this fight, you would have to agree that O'Neill Bell was handed a gift decision. I call it like I see, and O'Neill Bell clearly lost this fight to Dale Brown. Brown was more effective with his punches, he was more accurate, he threw O'Neill timing off with his movement and he even hurt Bell on a couple of occasions. About the only thing I can credit Bell with is that he caused a cut above Brown's right eye in the middle rounds and he was moving forward for most of the fight. Aside from that, he was wild and ineffective.

The crowd at ringside was stunned by the decision and booed loudly. Making matters worse was that the scoring was not even close. If a judge were to credit heavily for Bell's aggressiveness (i.e., always moving forward), I could perhaps see the judges scoring this one close. But one judge came in with a score of 117-111, meaning he had Bell wininng 9 of the 12 rounds. I don't know what fight that judge (Richard Green) was watching but it certainly was not the same one I witnessed. I had Brown winning 7 rounds, Bell 4 and one round basically a draw. I feel badly for Brown because he was the underdog in this bout and he put forth a super effort. Bell fought the entire fight like he was going to knock out Brown with one punch but that punch never materialized. Bell is extrememly lucky he had judges that were willing to score the fight in his favor.

--Jboyes 16:05, 25 May 2005 (CDT) ESPN reported blows as Brown 218/714 31%; Bell 185/720 26%. Brown was cut beside the left eye and in the middle of the forehead.