Tony Sims

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Name: Tony Sims
Hometown: United Kingdom
Promoter: Record


Tony Sims is a boxing trainer from Essex. “When I started out training, I had a few club-fighters. Looking back I probably never thought I was going to be in a good position, because there were so many big promoters in those days and I was just chucking my fighters on little, tiny shows at the Elephant and Castle, just club shows, dinner shows, average fighters,” he said. “I learned a lot in those days, corner work. I was fortunate enough to do a bit of cut work with legendary coach Ernie Fossey,” he continued. “Sometimes I was in the changing room with 'handler of journeymen' Nobby Nobbs because they were the calibre of fighters I had. I picked up a lot of good tips in those days. I worked in the changing rooms with Jimmy Tibbs, I worked alongside Jim McDonnell for a few years. Now working exclusively with Matchroom Sport fighters, Sims has come a long way since his early days as a coach and now trains multiple champions and prospects.

Fighters Trained