Willie Pep vs. Sandy Saddler (3rd meeting)

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Saddler attacks Pep along the ropes.

Willie Pep 125 lbs lost to Sandy Saddler 125 lbs by RTD in round 8 of 15


  • Saddler was an 8-5 betting favorite.
  • A crowd of 38,781 produced a gross gate of $262,150. Both were records for a featherweight bout. The previous records (33,389 and $134,416) were set when Eugene Criqui defeated Johnny Dundee at the Polo Grounds on July 26, 1923.
  • The net gate was $206,428, of which Pep received 45 percent and Saddler 15 percent.
  • The first two fights between Pep and Saddler were broadcast on radio and television, but this one was not.
  • Pep retired on his stool after the seventh round due to a dislocated left shoulder, which was reset by Dr. Vincent Niardello of the New York State Athletic Commission. Pep claimed the injury was caused by Saddler's wrestling tactics.
  • The Associated Press reported:
Saddler's best round was the third, in which he dumped Pep with a hard left hook on the chin. Pep stayed down for a nine count and came up to give better than he received for the rest of the round. Saddler also earned the seventh round, only by a slight margin. All the others went to Pep by handy margins, and it appeared to be only a question of whether his 28 year old legs could carry him the rest of the route at the stiff pace he was setting. He had left jabbed Sandy into a partial state of bewilderment and had crossed a score of lusty rights to the Negro's jaw. At the end Saddler's left eye was closing fast. Pep had a cut on his left cheek bone from which blood spilled in the final round. As the fight went on it became progressively rougher. Apparently angered at his inability to corner the dancing, jabbing Pep, Saddler wrestled him around roughly in the sixth and seventh rounds, and it probably was in one of those tugging matches that Pep's shoulder was injured.

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