Zvonimir Vujin

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Name: Zvonimir Vujin
Alias: Zvonko Vujin
Birth Name: Zvonimir Vujin
Hometown: Zrenjanin, Serbia
Birthplace: Zrenjanin, Serbia
Died: 2019-12-08 (Age:76)
Amateur Boxer: Record

Zvonimir Vujin (Born: July 23, 1943) was a Yugoslavian boxer, who was a two-time Bronze Medal winner at the Olympic Games. At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, he won the Lightweight bronze medal. In 1972, competing as a Light Welterweight, he would earn another bronze medal, after he was defeated in the semi-finals by American boxer Sugar Ray Seales by decision.

Olympic games results

1968 (as a lightweight)

1972 (as a Light welterweight)