Adalaide Byrd

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Adalaide Byrd

Name: Adalaide Byrd
Hometown: Nevada, USA
Judge: Record

Adalaide Byrd is the wife of referee and judge Robert Byrd. Although she primarily works in Las Vegas, Nevada, she has also judged bouts in Mexico, Panama, Canada, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines. Byrd has said that she does not believe in scoring a round even or 10-10. She feels it is in the best interest of the boxers for the judge to choose a winner of each round. Alongside boxing, Byrd has also worked as a mixed-martial arts judge since 2006.

Notable Scores

  • 2012, Apr. 14 - Brandon Rios vs. Richar Abril for the WBA World Lightweight Title - Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Abril who lost via split decision. Many felt Abril won the fight and her score was correct. Scores: Jerry Roth 116-112, Glenn Trowbridge 115-113, Adalaide Byrd 111-117
  • 2011, May 7 - Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez - Byrd was the only judge to not score the bout for Pavlik, instead having it as a draw. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 95-95, Richard Houck 98-92, C.J. Ross 99-91.
  • 2009, Apr. 24 - Cory Spinks vs. Deandre Latimore for the IBF Light Middleweight Title - Byrd and Steve Weisfeld had the bout for Spinks, while Jerry Jakubco scored in favor of Latimore. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 115-112, Steve Weisfeld 114-113, Jerry Jakubco 112-115.
  • 2009, Apr. 17 - Selcuk Aydin vs. Said Ouali - Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Ouali. Scores: Jerry Roth 116-111, Robert Hoyle 115-112, Adalaide Byrd 113-114.
  • 2008, Sep. 5 - Antonio DeMarco vs. Jose Reyes - Byrd was the only judge to score the bout for Reyes. Scores: Patricia Morse Jarman 96-93, Robert Hoyle 95-94, Adalaide Byrd 93-96.
  • 2008, Apr. 19 - Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe for The Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Title - Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Hopkins. HBO's Harold Lederman scored the bout 116-111 for Calzaghe. Scores: Ted Gimza 112-115, Adalaide Byrd 114-113, Chuck Giampa 111-116.
  • 2006, Apr. 8 - Wes Ferguson vs. Josesito Lopez - Byrd was the only judge to score it for Lopez. Scores: Chuck Giampa 95-93, Robert Hoyle 97-92, Adalaide Byrd 94-95.
  • 2004, Sept. 4 - Lamon Brewster vs. Kali Meehan - Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Meehan. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 113-114, Dave Moretti 114-113, Nelson Vazquez 115-113.
  • 2003, Mar. 1 - Vonda Ward vs. Martha Salazar (1st meeting) - Byrd was the only judge to score it in favor of Salazar. Scores: Richard Houck 39-37, C.J. Ross 39-37, Adalaide Byrd 37-39