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Name: Andy Miller
Alias: Kid Miller
Birth Name: Andrew Scott Miller
Hometown: Sioux City, Iowa, USA
Birthplace: Sioux City, Iowa, USA
Died: 1988-01-25 (Age:73)
Pro Boxer: Record

Boxing Factoids

  • Miller was the son of Scott Miller, who was a wrestler in the Midwest.
  • In 1940, Miller fought Lee Savold for the Iowa State heavyweight title. Savold kayoed Miller in the first round (Jack Dempsey was at ringside and presented Savold with a trophy for winning the Iowa State heavyweight title.) Miller had defeated Savold in 1939 by a Newspaper Decision. Savold later went on defeat Bruce Woodcock in 1950 for the BBBC Heavyweight Championship. Savold also fought former champion Joe Louis in 1951 and future champion Rocky Marciano in 1952 (Louis won - KO 6; Marciano won - RTD 6).
  • Miller fought a six round exhibition bout versus former world heavyweight champion Max Baer on September 21, 1936. The match was described in The Sheldon Mail: (Sheldon, Iowa) SEPTEMBER 23, 1936 (by Earl Jinkinson) Max Baer, the clowning ex-heavyweight champion amused the large crowd by playfully toying with Andy Miller of Sioux City....As was expected the Sioux City lad was no match for the "Livermore Larruper"....someone asked him to hit Miller and Max replied "do you want me to committ murder?"....The bout was more of a clowning exhibition on the part of Max but the bout was well received by the large crowd.
  • Miller boxed former world middleweight champion and Hall of Famer Gorilla Jones in 1937 (Jones won NWS).
  • Miller boxed light heavyweight Hall of Famer Tiger Jack Fox in 1939 (Fox won by decision in 10).

Newspaper Articles

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