Bobby Diamond (Manager)

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Ben Aisa, Bobby Diamond, Pete Sanstol
Photo: Ben Aisa, Bobby Diamond, Pete Sanstol in 1934

Bobby Diamond was a boxing manager, promoter and trainer. His true name may have been Robert Diamant. (It is uncertain if he is the early 1920s European flyweight Robert Diamant, who may have had a few bouts as "Bobby Diamond." See also: Panama Al Brown: 1902-1951, p. 133; and Black Ink, pp. 56, 137 (which also says his mother was French, suggesting his father was American.)

He managed Henri Poutrain. He also managed (and/or trained) Pete Sanstol for at least his 1934 bout with Young Perez in Norway (and may have first met Sanstol when the Norwegian fought Poutrain in early 1927).

Diamond worked well into the early 1960s and was the manager of Dick Tiger in the Fullmer fights.