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First Champion
1980 WBC Marvin Camel
1982 WBA Ossie Ocasio
1983 IBF Marvin Camel
1984 Commonwealth
(British Empire)
Stewart Lithgo
1985 BBBoC (British) Sammy Reeson
1988 Undisputed World Evander Holyfield
1989 WBO Boone Pultz
  • Also known as Junior Heavyweight and Lighter-heavyweight
  • The maximum weight for this division is 200 pounds (90.9 kg or 14 stone 4 lbs).
  • The title was originally contested at a maximum weight of 190 pounds, but did drift for a while up to 195 pounds. In 2003 the current limit was established.

The cruiserweight division first originated in England (later called lighter-heavyweight). The division was next established as 176-190 lbs (80.0 – 86.2 kg or 12 stone 6 lbs – 13 stone 6 lbs) by the World Boxing Council (WBC) in 1979, then the World Boxing Association (WBA) in 1982, and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in 1983. The division was modified in 2004, first by the WBC, then the WBA and next by the IBF to allow a maximum limit of 200 pounds.

NOTE: The English class cruiserweights (from 1889-1937) became Light Heavyweight (1937-present). The name reappeared in America (in 1980) for a new class of 190, then 195, and currently 200 pound boxers.

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