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Barbados Joe Walcott
Class of 1991
Old Timer Category
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Name: Joe Walcott
Alias: Barbados Demon
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Georgetown, Guyana
Died: 1935-10-04 (Age:62)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 156cm
Reach: 165cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager Tom O'Rourke

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  • Per the April 22, 1916 Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, USA), he was born April 7, 1872.
  • He spent part of his youth in Barbados.
  • Nicknamed the Black Demon and the Barbados Demon because of his ferocity in the ring and willingness to fight anyone willing to step in the ring with him no matter how big.
  • As a youngster, he set out to see the world, and got a job as a cabin boy on a ship sailing to Boston. He soon settled in Boston as a piano mover, porter and other odd jobs. Later, he landed a job in a gym, and became popular with other boxers for his ability to stay with anyone.
  • He became one of the more famous boxers of his era, along with other Boston men of colour such as Canadians George Godfrey, George Dixon, and Sam Langford.
  • On October 18, 1904, Walcott accidentally shot and killed Nelson Hall, 40, when a gun Walcott was holding discharged. One of the bullets from the automatic weapon struck Walcott in the hand, causing him to lose several fingers. Walcott was arrested for manslaughter, but later released after a grand jury determined no charges were warranted. [1] [2]


  • 1890-02-28 Tom Powers, South Boston, MA W KO 2
  • 1891-01-30 Jack Barrett, Providence, RI W KO 1
  • 1891-03-26 Alex Clark, Cambridge, MA W PTS 2
  • 1891-12-12 G V Meacon, Boston, MA W PTS 4

[New England championship semi-final bout at welterweight (145 lbs). Two 3-minute rounds, one 4-minute round, and an extra round of 2 minutes were fought. (Boston Herald)]

  • 1891-12-12 Teddy C. Kelly, Boston, MA L PTS 3

[New England championship semi-final bout at welterweight (145 lbs). Two 3-minute rounds, one 4-minute round. (Boston Herald)]

  • 1891-12-23 Alex Clark, Boston, MA W PTS 3
  • 1892-03-14 Alex Clark, Cambridge, MA W KO 3
  • 1892-03-28 T Warren, Boston, MA W PTS 4
  • 1892-08-29 Jack Leahy, Cambridge, MA W TKO 3

[This was to be Walcott's last appearance as an amateur, according to Boston Morning Journal. There was one-minute rest after every knockdown (all scored by Walcott), the bout having lasted a little over 4 minutes in total. There were several other amateur bouts preceding this one.]