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Name: Len Kanthal
Birth Name: Leonard Marvin Kanthal
Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Birthplace: Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Died: 2018-07-17 (Age:83)
Height: 184cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

1954 Len Kanthal won New York's Tournament of Champions vs. Julius Griffin and won the Intercity Golden Gloves' championship at heavyweight vs. LeRoy Duchene at 1:47 of the 2nd. Kanthal was a US Marine.

On May 25, 1954 in a support bout outside the US Golden Gloves vs. Europe competition at Saint Louis, MO at heavyweight he was rewarded with the decision vs. Garvin Sawyer.

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Leonard (Lenny) began boxing while at Coolidge High School. While working out at a local Catholic Youth Organization, Lenny was spotted by a boxing coach who took him under his wing. Soon thereafter, Lenny entered the ranks of amateur boxing. During his three years as an amateur, Lenny defeated every contender in the Golden Gloves heavyweight class. In 1954 he won the New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Heavyweight Champions and the Intercity Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship. After joining the Marines, Lenny won both the Eastern Heavyweight Championship and the East-West Golden Gloves Championship. In 1956, he won the International Golden Gloves Championship. Lenny was offered a spot on the U.S. Olympics team. He declined, instead accepting a bid to turn professional. He won his first 10 professional bouts. He lost his 11th (and last) fight at Madison Square Garden by a split decision. After giving up his boxing career, he taught boxing courses at summer camps and taught classes in both boxing and racquetball at the JCC. In 1992, Lenny was inducted into the DC Boxing Hall of Fame as an amateur fighter.

Preceded by:
Julius Griffin
New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions
Heavyweight Champion

Succeeded by:
Roy Bullock
Preceded by:
Sonny Liston
Intercity Golden Gloves
Heavyweight Champion

Succeeded by:
Eddie Cato