Luther McCarty

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Luther McCarty 1913.jpeg
Luther McCarty

Name: Luther McCarty
Alias: Luck
Hometown: Hitchcock, Nebraska, USA
Birthplace: Driftwood Creek, Nebraska, USA
Died: 1913-05-24 (Age:21)
Height: 189cm
Reach: 203cm
Pro Boxer: Record


Luther McCarty, son of an Irish mother and a half-Native American father [1], and a cousin of fellow boxer Tom McCarty, was married at 16 at Sidney, Ohio, in May 1908 to Rhoda Wright 19, and had at least one child, a daughter named Cornelia. His wife Rhoda ended up having to work in a saloon kitchen in Fargo, ND and had Luke arrested briefly for failure to support them. He worked as a sparring partner in Culbertson, MT, in the Fall of 1910.

September 23rd, 1912 McCarty was scheduled to fight Dan Daly at Pittsburgh but backed out.

In January of 1913, following his sensational win over Al Palzer, McCarty announced he would be paying $100 a month to his estranged wife in alimony and child support. That same month when a Paris promoter inquired what manager McCarney would demand for a fight with former champ Tommy Burns, he was told $30,000 plus $2500 training expenses.

His May 24, 1913 "White" Heavyweight Championship of the World bout with Arthur Pelkey resulted in his death, which made newspaper headlines worldwide. He left an estate valued around $65,000. [2]. Boxing was banned, or pending legislation to legalize prize-fighting was killed, in various jurisdictions as a direct result of his ring death.

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