Mando Ramos

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Mando Ramos

Name: Mando Ramos
Birth Name: Armando Ramos
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthplace: Long Beach, California, USA
Died: 2008-07-06 (Age:59)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 175cm
Reach: 182cm
Pro Boxer: Record

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Armando "Mando" Ramos was one of the most popular and exciting fighters in Southern California during the 1960s. Ramos was an outstanding amateur standout. He was somewhat slow-footed in the ring, but his punches packed knockout power.

Ramos had the dream of becoming the youngest lightweight champion in history. He racked up an impressive record in Southern California, breaking box-office records. Ramos was not only a talented fighter, but he was cocky and colorful as well. He became a fixture on the night-club and party scene in the wild 1960s of California. Pictures constantly appeared of Ramos with a beautiful woman, or two, on each arm.

Ramos was so confident of his abilities that he only fought the best fighters in the lighweight division. His two battles with lightweight champion Carlos Teo Cruz had the makings for the "Fight of The Year." Ramos won the title by technical knockout and became the youngest fighter in history to hold the 135 pound title.

Surprisingly, Ramos only held on to the title for a short time. He regained it a short time later, but then suffered a brutal beating at the hands of underdog Chango Carmona. After losing the title to Carmona, Ramos went to Spain to "relax". Six months later, broke, and weighing 175lbs., some 40 pounds over his fighting weight, Ramos returned to Los Angeles to launch a comeback.

After hitting the steam room to lose his excessive weight, Ramos had little energy or strength to win his comeback match against Arturo Pineda. Again, Ramos took a savage beating and sufferd his 2nd consecutive knockout loss.

It seemed that at age 24, Mando Ramos was washed-up. Critics said his love for the night-life, wine, women, and song, had destroyed his promising career. However, Ramos surprised the experts and launched a comeback in Europe the following year.

Ramos now campaigned as a light-middleweight, and won two fights by knockout and fought a draw. It seemed Ramos was back on the road to fame once more. However, he suffered back-to-back knockout losses. But, Mando Ramos still had some fight left in him. He returned to the United States and continued his comeback. He still drew crowds, and showed flashes of his former talent.

Tough fights however, had taken their toll, and he was knocked out again. He retired, but a few years later, while training for a comeback, Ramos had a series of heart attacks by age 30. He had to have a pacemaker put into his chest. His boxing career had finally ended.

Ramos died July 6, 2008, in San Pedro, California, of natural causes, aged 59.

Preceded by:
Carlos Teo Cruz
WBA Lightweight Champion
WBC Lightweight Champion

1969 Feb 18 – 1970 Mar 3
Succeeded by:
Ismael Laguna
Preceded by:
Pedro Carrasco
WBC Lightweight Champion
1972 Feb 18 – 1972 Sep 15
Succeeded by:
Chango Carmona