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Name: Orzubek Nazarov
Birth Name: Орзубек Пулетович Назаров
Hometown: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Birthplace: Kant, Kyrgyzstan
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 171cm
Reach: 180cm
Judge: Record
Inspector: Record
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Amateur Career

  • Nazarov started boxing when he was 10.
  • Amateur record: 153-12.
  • 1984 European Junior Championships Gold medallist in Tampere, Finland (as a featherweight).
  • 1985 , 1987 and 1988 Soviet Union National Championships Gold medallist.
  • 1986 World Championship Bronze medallist in Reno, United States, representing the Soviet Union (as a lightweight).
  • 1986 Goodwill Games Gold medallist in Moscow, Soviet Union (as a lightweight).
  • 1987 European Championships Gold medallist in Turin, Italy (as a lightweight).
  • 1987 World Cup Bronze medallist in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (as a lightweight).

Professional Record


  • Following the defense of his WBA title against Leavander Johnson, Nazarov was traveling back to his native Kyrgyzstan when the car he was in was attacked by gunmen. The car's other occupants, one of whom was allegedly in debt to Russian organized crime figures, were both killed. Nazarov was shot in the arm but survived.
  • Before his defense against Jean-Baptiste Mendy, he began to experience problems with his left eye, and when he was inadvertently thumbed in the eye in the third round of his bout with Mendy, the retina tore. Four subsequent operations failed to correct the condition, leaving him all but blind in the left eye. The Mendy bout was Nazarov's last.
  • Nazarov was elected to the Kyrgyz Parliament in 2007.

Preceded by:
Dingaan Thobela
WBA Lightweight Champion
1993 Oct 30 – 1998 May 16
Succeeded by:
Jean-Baptiste Mendy