Pedro Tomez

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Name: Pedro Tomez
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Pro Boxer: Record

Died: 2008-March (Age:67)

Reports indicate Tomez had 142 amateur bouts and 65 as a pro. After his boxing career, he began training amateur fighters at the old West Federal Street YMCA in Youngstown, Ohio. Over a 25-year career, his stable won 27 team titles locally and 10 more in the Cleveland Golden Gloves. Among his students was Earnie Shavers, who won the National AAU Heavyweight Championship in 1969, Jeff Lampkin winner of the 1980 National AAU Light Heavyweight Championship, and Mike Boswell.

  • Source: Roth, Bob. "Buckeye Elks show pays tribute to area legendary trainer" (2001, Oct. 22) [1]